71 Years Ago Today Fritz Peters Earned the Victoria Cross and U.S. Distinguished Service Cross in the Allied Invasion of North Africa

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Today, November 8, 2013 marks 71 years since the action in the harbour of Oran, Algeria where Capt. Frederic Thornton “Fritz“ Peters, VC, DSO, DSC and bar, DSC (U.S.), RN demonstrated extraordinary bravery in leading an attack on the harbour of Oran, Algeria held by Vichy French forces.

ft peters c. 1942

Capt. F.T. Peters in 1942, before leaving Scotland for Operation Reservist

Author of “The Bravest Canadian — Fritz Peters VC: The Making of a Hero of Two World Wars“ Interviewed Today By Radio Station in Winnipeg, A City Justly Proud of Its Valour Road

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by Sam McBride

Earlier today it was my pleasure to be interviewed by Dahlia Kurtz of AM680 CJOB Winnipeg regarding my book on Capt. Frederic Thornton “Fritz“ Peters. The live interviews were broadcast in two segments between 2 pm and 3 pm Central Time.

Dahlia read the book and was amazed by the incredible life of Fritz Peters, including three major awards for valour in both world wars, service with the Secret Intelligence Service, and surviving hundreds of threats to his life in wartime as well as between the wars in frontier Ghana in central Africa. Several times she asked: “Why don`t we know about this great Canadian hero?“

She noted that Winnipeg is particularly interested in Victoria Cross stories because of its distinction of having three Victoria Cross recipients who grew up on the same street, within a block of one another. In 1925, Pine Street in Winnipeg was renamed Valour Road in recognition of the courage of three young men who all lived on the 700 block of the street. Corporal Leo Clarke, Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall, and Lieutenant Robert Shankland each received the Victoria Cross for acts of bravery during the First World War.