“His courage was massive, like his shoulders.” – United Press war correspondent Leo Disher

“He was strikingly calm, almost annoyingly so”. – Leo Disher

“Completely without fear, dedicated to duty or his own interpretation of it, and tough as old rope.” – Commander David Joel, RN

“His determination, his courage, his unquenchable gaiety” – British war correspondent A.D. Divine

“(Oran) was a desperate adventure against appalling odds and it was only Fritz’s grim determination and heroism against these odds which enabled the Walney to be berthed alongside the jetty“. – Commander Cromwell Varley, DSO

“Danger never had any bearing for him, and engaging the enemy was the one thing he lived for.“ – Rear Admiral Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton

“This Oran business was Peters all over. A first-class man.” – Admiral A.M. Peters (no relation)

“He had faraway naval eyes and a gentle smile of great charm… Our trainees came to adore him“. – Kim Philby, who served under Peters in 1940 in a British Secret Intelligence Service spy school.

“A typical Elizabethan gentleman adventurer.” – Paymaster-commander S.W. Saxton, RN

“His courage was of a caliber which realized danger even if fear was unknown to him. – S.W. Saxton

“Where duty lay, so was his set purpose, and no sacrifice was too great to carry out that duty to its end.” – S.W. Saxton

“I have not yet met anyone who did not love him or admire him.“ – S.W. Saxon

“I propose that the bravest Canadian may well have been Frederic Thornton Peters, RN”. – Commander (ret.) F.J. Blatherwick