The spring/summer 2013 edition of The Island magazine includes an extensive feature on Roberta Hamilton Susan “Bertha“ Gray Peters (1862-1946).

As a daughter of P.E.I. Father of Confederation Col. John Hamilton Gray and mother of Captain Frederic Thornton “Fritz“ Peters VC, DSO, DSC and bar, DSC (U.S.), RN, Bertha witnessed a wide sweep of Canadian history over more than eight decades. She was also a fascinating character in her own right — extremely well-read, witty and holding strong opinions in support of the British Empire, and often, in line with her United Empire Loyalist heritage, against the United States of America.

The nine-page feature article includes 17 photographs of members of the Gray and Peters families, as well as a map that shows the locations in Charlottetown of well-known estates of the Peters and Grays in the 19th century: Sidmount House, Inkerman House and Westwood.
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